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The Nick Atoms Atomic Comic Is Here!

At long last, the first chapter in The Nick Atoms’ thrilling graphic adventures is finally revealled! Be sure to dash to the all new comics page for a dose of narrative fun. Be sure to check back often as new chapters are already in the works.

Someone Else Thinks We’re Neat

Reverse Monster has added a page for your beloved The Nick Atoms. We are happy to be a part of this site featuring eclectic music.

A Tribute To Heroes

The Nick Atoms bring to you our own tribute to American Heroes. Trot on over to the audio page for a new musical delight.

The Nick Atoms Atomic Comic is Finally Ready!

The countdown begins today! A mere 6 days until The Nick Atoms greatest adventures are revealed to you on your computer screen! All test have been made and the public is safe and so are you! You will gasp raw air as the thrilling adventures of The Nick Atoms happen before your very eyes. You’ve heard them play, now watch as they fight to save the Earth! (Luckily they fight better than they play!)

The Nick Atoms Ready To Destroy The Stage

And your mind! The Mighty Nick Atoms will return to live performance sooner than anticipated. We will be performing on Saturday, September 21. The time is 9:00 PM and the place is Christensen’s Big V’s Saloon in St. Paul, MN. This bill will also feature Matt Marka and headliners B-line. There is a cover charge, but we are told it is reasonable. More information is on our shows page. Come one, come all!