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The Nick Atoms to “Shock” Radio Listeners

The Nick Atoms: America’s favorite Sci-Fi theme song band. But wait! Who are The Nick Atoms? I mean, what do you REALLY know about them? The answers will be foretold on Saturday, November 29th at 3:30 P.M. as The Shockwave Radio Program has The Nick Atoms on live in the studio. (Tune in to the radio on KFAI 90.3FM in Minneapolis or 106.7FM St. Paul!) Shockwave host Dave E. Romm will interview The Nick Atoms and ask the tough questions. Find out all sorts of juicy information! Hear songs that will never see the light of day! But most of all, get a little smarter about the world around you…Have your tape recorder ready!

The Nick Atomic Midnight Show

We are now set to make up that Atomic Midnight Show we bailed on last month. The new date is this Saturday, November 29. Move on up to the shows page for full disclosure.


Tromapalooza is here. The Nick Atoms’ next live show will be at Tromapalooza. Tromapalooza. Say it three times and you save a puppy. All the details are on the shows page. Tromapalooza: it’s the right thing to do.

New Tour Dates Added

The tour continues to rock. We have announced new live performance dates. Check the shows page for the latest details.

Coleman Campaign Song Unleashed

As supporters of Gary Coleman for Governor, The Nick Atoms feel obliged to show our support in song. The fruit of our labor is now available on the audio page.