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Local Radio Station Not Fond of The Nick Atoms

Holy moley, we were on the radio! Minneapolis/St. Paul radio station AM 1500 was having a bumper band contest for the Joe Soucheray show in which two lucky bands would get the chance to play the official bumper music live at the Minnesota State Fair. We were not victorious, but who cares! We were on the radio! And you can witness the whole terrible event … HERE!

The Nick Atoms: Radio Magic

(Note: as this is taken directly from AM radio, certain sonic characteristics have been imparted on the recording. The clip is presented unaltered so that you, the listener, will believe you are experiencing the event live. Nobody brings you the finest in entertainment like The Nick Atoms! -Ed.)

The Nick Atoms To Play Atomic Midnight Show

Mark your calendars residence of Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN and surrounding communities! The Nick Atoms are scheduled to appear Saturday, May 10 at the St. Anthony Main Theater’s Atomic Midnight Show! As the name states, we go on at midnight. Come for The Nick Atoms, stay for the movie. The evening’s fare will be “William Shatner’s Mysteries of the Gods”. All of this entertainment for one low price. Don’t be late!

Deal Of The Century — Five For The Price Of One

That’s right! For a limited time only, The Nick Atoms are offering a 5-for-1 deal on Marvel Animation Studios theme songs. Flash back to the 1960s as your favorite heroes parade before your very ears! This deal is not available in stores. It can only be had on our audio page. Act now! Operators are standing by!

Official Evidence Released Of MarsCon Triumph

The Nick Atoms HQ has been cleared by the government to publically release photographic evidence of The Nick Atoms’ stunning acheivement at MarsCon 2003. Never before have The Nick Atoms performed a show of this magnitude, and now we can prove it. Please direct your browser to the photos page and you will be amazed!

MarsCon 2003 Is Over; Several Weep

To those who partook of our Tunnel Of Traveling Time 2003 Deluxe MarsCon performance: many thanks. To those that missed it: there’s always the pictures (forthcoming). We promised our biggest show ever, and was it ever! It was 90 minutes chock full of dynamic lighting, action-packed video accompaniment, many new songs, special guest appearances, and one rocket man.

In the coming weeks, The Nick Atoms hope to bring you documented fact of our stunning achievement. The requisite pictures will be available, and we hope to release some video footage as well. Stay tuned, Atomites!

Pssssttt! There’s also a special post-MarsCon treat on the audio page!