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We Did It

The WB’s Strictly Original show continues with The Nick Atoms in the finals! This was a major victory for all of us and all of you. We are thankful to have made it and could not have with out your continuous support!

Thanks to all you voted, all who got others to vote, all who helped to get the word out and to all and anyone we may have missed. We felt your support and Dr. Ted Nelson, Coburn and Wyngarde thank you for everything! The voice of dementia music was heard by the mainstream and we all made it possible. Now we must take on the challenge of the finals and we hope you’ll be there with us to share a final victory!

Thanks again for everything! We love you all!

The finals will be taping Friday, September 9. The venue has changed to Escape Ultra Lounge in downtown Minneapolis. It is a bit harder to get to, but we hope to see some of you there.

The Hour Is Upon Us

Here it is folks, the moment you have been waiting for. Episode 3 of Strictly Original is airing tomorrow night (Monday) at 9:00PM CST on KMWB Channel 23, and it will feature The Nick Atoms is deadly combat with two other musical acts. Now is the time to act! Now is the time to vote! The fate of the world depends on YOU!

Voting Instructions:
1. Watch the show
2. Go here
3. Click on the icon
4. Click the radio button next to the band you like best (we hope it is us!)
5. Enter your email address and click the submit button
6. It will say “your vote has been counted” if you voted successfully

Thank you for your support. Sally Forth!

Music For The Masses

Hey folks, there is brand new music posted over on the audio page. Alright, so it is not new to those of you who have purchased In The 25th Century, but for the rest of ya’ll, it is. Head on over!

Local Televisions To Be Destroyed

The Nick Atoms have been selected from a pool of entries to participate in the “Strictly Original”, The WB Minnesota’s New Music Competition, presented by Pizza Hut. This show will showcase performances of original songs by local Minnesota artists.

The format of the show is similar to “American Idol”: after each episode airs, viewers will be prompted to visit to cast a vote for their favorite artist from that evenings broadcast. Episodes will air Monday evenings at 9:00PM CST on the WB Minnesota Channel 23, with second runs airing Tuesday evenings. Voting will open at 9:30PM CST Monday evening and close on Wednesday at 11:59PM CST. One winner from each episode will advance to the finals which will air on September.

The Nick Atoms will be appearing in episode 3 which airs August 22. The taping of this episode will be Saturday, July 30 at 9:00PM CST at Champps in Minnetonka, MN. We will be performing our audition song a few times, and the production staff will choose the best performance for airing.

We need your help! The taping is open to friends and family, and we are encouraged to bring people in. If you are available that evening and would like to see the taping of The Nick Atoms’ performance, come on down! If you are unable to make the taping due to illness, geographic displacement, or alien abduction, please show your support by voting for us (if you like our performance) after the episode is aired on August 22.

Those dates again:

  • performance taping: July 30, 9:00PM CST, Champps in Minnetonka, MN
  • episode airing: August 22, 9:00PM CST, KMWB channel 23

Thank you for your time.

Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag

The Nick Atoms: In The 25th CenturyLadies and gentlemen, it’s done. The brand new The Nick Atoms CD entitled “In The 25th Century” is complete and now available for purchase! For a mere $9.99 you can feast your ears upon our frenzy like never before. Get yours today!

We will have a supply of “In The 25th Century” available this weekend at CONvergence. Stop by our show on Saturday night at 12:30 to get a copy.