The Nick Atoms Will End MarsCon 2010

The Nick Atoms are reuniting for one last show at MarsCon 2010! We are returning to MarsCon as conquering heroes where we will be honored as Musical Guests of Honor. Tradition has it that this accolade allows us to have our way with your women, but since we have no interest in pursuits of the flesh, we will settle for a case of Vavoline and a cheese sandwich.

This is your last change to get up close and let us sweat on you from the stage! (Do robots sweat? YOU BETTER BE THERE TO DISCOVER THE TRUTH!) You’ve already missed out on the cheapest of the registration rates. Do not allow yourself another dalliance. Register today to witness The Nick Atoms go down in flames for your amusement!

We believe there are some other acts appearing at MarsCon 2010. Have a look: