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Official Breaking News!

Through the tireless efforts of The Nick Atoms Historical Society©, we have finally uncovered, cataloged and released The Nick Atoms lost 5th album: Date Of The Dragon. 

Recorded in 2004, Date Of The Dragon was intended to be a soundtrack to a film of the same name.  Unfortunately, the film was shelved and the recording sessions were all but forgotten.


Now for the first time, we officially release the album in its complete form.  Included are the three singles that were made for the film as well as the 24 minute score.  Wyngarde’s Shatner channeling Rocket-Man, Coburn’s mysterious Looker and Dr. Ted’s Hard boozin’ rendition of Mustang Sally are all included.

So, head on over to the music page and listen to selected tracks from Date Of The Dragon or download the entire album here.

MarsCon Dementia Fund Nears Its Goal

The 2010 MarsCon Dementia Fundraiser is at 90% of its goal. You guys are doing great! However, we still need a bit more.

We have until Friday, 1/15 to reach the goal or some artists might have to back out because their won’t be enough funds to cover everyone’s lodging (keep in mind the artists are traveling to MarsCon at their own expense). You can help by purchasing the MarsCon 2010 Dementia Track CD/MP3 set, or by making a donation at

Programming Note

Coming Spring ’76 to ABC:

The Nick Atoms Highly Atomic Variety Hour!

The MarsCon 2010 Dementia Track Fund Raiser CD/MP3 set is now for sale!

Aside from the Music Guest Of Honor, MarsCon doesn’t have the budget necessary cover the hotel or travel costs of the dozen or so comedy music acts that come in from across the country to perform at MarsCon. The members of the con staff are awesome, and they help us out in many other great and important ways, but being a fan run con of 800 or so attendees, they just can’t provide our dementia track performers with leer jets, limo rides, and an unlimited supply of bacon (no matter how many times I ask them for the bacon). That’s why three years ago we started the MarsCon Dementia Track Fund Raiser CDs, which is set up to raise money to cover the hotel room costs for those acts who are coming in from out of town, as a way to help take care of at least one of the two big costs involved for them to come out and rock the house.

Here’s what he have for this year:

The MarsCon 2010 Dementia Track Fund Raiser: 3-CD set – $30.00 (An optional MP3 download of all tracks is included with purchase. Price includes shipping)

The MarsCon 2010 Dementia Track Fund Raiser: MP3 Download Only – $20.00 (Contains all the tracks from the CD version. Length: just under 4 hours)

The set is comprised of tracks recorded live at MarsCon 2009, and includes music by Rob Balder, Possible Oscar, Positive Attitude, The Nick Atoms, Devo Spice, Worm Quartet, Power Salad, the great Luke Ski, MC Lars, The Feng Shui Ninjas, Wally Pleasant, participants in the Dementia Fan Showcase, DJ Particle, Carrie Dahlby, Marc Gunn, W. Randy Hoffman, Beth Kinderman, Soggy Potato Chips, and Insane Ian.

If you’re interested in hearing a PREVIEW of the 2010 Fund Raiser set, I’ve created a special 30 minute PodCast that you can listen to and/or download for free here:

We also still have CD & MP3 sets available from 2009, 2008, & 2007’s Fund Raisers at MarsCon

Thanks for ordering and supporting the MarsCon Dementia Track.

~ Luke Ski, MarsCon Dementia Track co-chair

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