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"Stop Boring Music!" EP Available Now

We’ve just added more free music to The Nick Atoms Historical Society! The EP Stop Boring Music! brings to you some of the last music recorded by The Nick Atoms in 2005. The songs were recorded and sent to local radio stations to drum up interest in the band. Did it work? Well, our cover of “Believe It Or Not” did inspire a local music show to do an episode dedicated to covers by local bands.

The Nick Atoms: Stop Boring Music! EP

You get “Sidewalker”, the song we performed on the TV show “Strictly Original”; you get a new recording of “Cathy!” with a more, eh, forceful ending; you get the ode to fairground carnival rides gone wrong, “Tornado”; you get the aforementioned “Believe It Or Not”, the theme song to TV’s The Greatest American Hero; you get the start and stop filled version of “Land Of The Lost”.

The complete EP can be downloaded from our Album Downloads page.

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"Live Beyond Mars" Is Beyond Repair

Do you have a copy of our first and only live album, Live Beyond Mars? Does it work? If it doesn’t work, did you happen to rip it to MP3 before the CD failed? Then we want to talk to you!

The Nick Atoms: Live Beyond Mars

Live Beyond Mars was recorded at MarsCon 2001 and released at CONvergence 2001. Only 30 copies were made, of which, at least three have failed and are not recognized as audio CDs by any computer that tries. We would love to release this music to our fans, but we need to locate either a working copy of the CD, or MP3 versions of the songs.

If you are in possession of this fables treasure and are willing to share it with us and the world, please contact us at to arrange transportation. Women will forever call your name in times of ecstasy if you come through for us.