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The Nick Atoms' First Album Rescued From The Ashes

Before the end, there was a beginning. Before we played our last show at MarsCon, we played our first show at MarsCon, and from this show, our first album was born.

Live Beyond Mars

Rescued from the sands of time — Dr. Ted Nelson appears to possess the only functional copy — is our first album, Live Beyond Mars. The tracks on this album are from the live recording of our show at MarsCon 2001 — for better or for worse. Released at CONvergence 2001, the album was produced in a limited quantity of 30 units and was thought lost.

Now you can possess this most rare of The Nick Atoms recordings. Witness Dr. Ted Nelson’s impatience at Wyngarde’s improvisation! Hear Coburn mispronouncing his robotic brother’s name as “Winegarde”! Thrill to early versions of songs that would get a proper recording later! You can also hear a bonus version of “Jet Jaguar”.

All of this can be found on our music page. Want to download the complete album? Get it on the album downloads page. In either case, prepare to be transported… BEYOND MARS!

Programming Note

Coming Spring ’76 to ABC:

The Nick Atoms Highly Atomic Variety Hour!

The MarsCon 2010 Dementia Track Fund Raiser CD/MP3 set is now for sale!

Aside from the Music Guest Of Honor, MarsCon doesn’t have the budget necessary cover the hotel or travel costs of the dozen or so comedy music acts that come in from across the country to perform at MarsCon. The members of the con staff are awesome, and they help us out in many other great and important ways, but being a fan run con of 800 or so attendees, they just can’t provide our dementia track performers with leer jets, limo rides, and an unlimited supply of bacon (no matter how many times I ask them for the bacon). That’s why three years ago we started the MarsCon Dementia Track Fund Raiser CDs, which is set up to raise money to cover the hotel room costs for those acts who are coming in from out of town, as a way to help take care of at least one of the two big costs involved for them to come out and rock the house.

Here’s what he have for this year:

The MarsCon 2010 Dementia Track Fund Raiser: 3-CD set – $30.00 (An optional MP3 download of all tracks is included with purchase. Price includes shipping)

The MarsCon 2010 Dementia Track Fund Raiser: MP3 Download Only – $20.00 (Contains all the tracks from the CD version. Length: just under 4 hours)

The set is comprised of tracks recorded live at MarsCon 2009, and includes music by Rob Balder, Possible Oscar, Positive Attitude, The Nick Atoms, Devo Spice, Worm Quartet, Power Salad, the great Luke Ski, MC Lars, The Feng Shui Ninjas, Wally Pleasant, participants in the Dementia Fan Showcase, DJ Particle, Carrie Dahlby, Marc Gunn, W. Randy Hoffman, Beth Kinderman, Soggy Potato Chips, and Insane Ian.

If you’re interested in hearing a PREVIEW of the 2010 Fund Raiser set, I’ve created a special 30 minute PodCast that you can listen to and/or download for free here:

We also still have CD & MP3 sets available from 2009, 2008, & 2007’s Fund Raisers at MarsCon

Thanks for ordering and supporting the MarsCon Dementia Track.

~ Luke Ski, MarsCon Dementia Track co-chair

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The Nick Atoms to be Honored at MarsCon 2010

The world’s greatest Sci-Fi band, The Nick Atoms, will finally receive the key to the city and the highest honor given to bands that are cool, but will never be famous: MUSICAL GUEST OF HONOR at the 2010 MARSCON in Bloomington, MN on March 5-7 in 2010.

This historic decision, from Dementia co-chair the great Luke Ski, was made after The Nick Atoms — Dr Ted Nelson and his two robots, Coburn and Wyngarde — returned from an adventure that had them labeled missing and presumed dead for the last five years. Dr. Ted returned from an alternate universe and rescued his amazing creations from the evil hands of Euro-synth-artist-musician-poet-astroprojectionist-painter-writer-nutritionist known as “Hot Snack Time“.

The trio has decided to put an end to the music but will be giving ONE LAST CONCERT of truly extra-ordinary proportions. You can see their reunion concert to say farewell at MarsCon where, if you have been reading and paying attention, they will be the MUSICAL GUEST OF HONOR at the 2010 MARSCON.

For many, this will be a first time to see the robotic rockers, and for others, a trip down memory lane. The Nick Atoms are excited by this development!

Many other bands and musicians will be at MarsCons 2010 — including Throwing Toasters and Nuclear Bubble Wrap — to celebrate the return of The Nick Atoms.

Rolling Stone magazine stated, “Not since John Lennon was shot has the world been so saddened as when The Nick Atoms vanished. It is so cool that people will get to see a The Nick Atoms concert. DO NOT MISS THIS! We will be getting our

badges for MarsCon 2010 early. This is the music event of 2010, people!”

This is the first award given to the Sci-Fi super group. Hot Snack Time remains missing and at large.

Please visit and register at:
Learn more about The Nick Atoms at:

The All-New, All-Different The Nick Atoms Website

Today we officially launch the new The Nick Atoms Historical Society website. This new site will serve as a repository for all of the artifacts we can dig up regarding the band that is, and was, The Nick Atoms. Our goal is to document as much of our history as we can muster, because our fans, new and old, deserve as much.

The site launches with a metric ton of media content. Here are some examples of what we have in store:

Music: We are offering up all of the music from our four CD releases in an interactive streaming playlist. But that’s not all! Every track is available for download, free of charge. We plan to add more musical content in the coming months, including rarities, bootlegs, live recordings, and other previously unreleased tracks. Our goal is to give you as much of our music as we can find.

Video: Several YouTube videos are aggregated on the video page. There is much more to come. Coburn has been scouring the video archives for choice nuggets of archival footage to share with our fans. There are also discussions about producing new video content.

Photos: All of the photo sets from the original TNA website are available again! These will be supplemented with new photo sets from our past appearances, and the existing sets will be expanded with photos never before seen outside of Dr. Ted Nelson’s study.

New content will be added regularly to the site. We have plans for an art gallery which will include original artwork and show posters. An expanded history — both fictional and actual — could be in the offing.

We hope that you will stop by often to see what we are up to.