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That's a Wrap

Thanks to all the fans who cheered us on. HUGE thanks to Carrie, Luke, Ian, Tim, Tom, Chris W., Chris M., Brian, Katja, John Allen, Mike and Karen. With your help, we pulled off a spectacular show with little to no rehearsal with you guys. Your professionalism and willingness to help made this our best show ever. What a way to go out. THANK YOU ALL!

Help Us Shoot Ourselves

Our reunion/final show is happening on Friday, March 5 at MarsCon 2010. We have plans to videotape this show since it will be our last; however, we can only cover so much of the action. This is where you can help.

If you have a device for recording video — camcorder, digital camera, iPhone, superhuman painting speed — please consider bringing it to our show and recording at least a portion of our performance. The format or quality doesn’t matter. What we want is your perspective on the show. Creativity is encouraged; we’ll have the wide shots covered, so closeups and reaction shots of the audience are what we really need. After the show, contact us via the web site so we can arrange a way to acquire your footage.

We hope some of you will seize this opportunity to help us capture this event.

The Nick Atoms Will End MarsCon 2010

The Nick Atoms are reuniting for one last show at MarsCon 2010! We are returning to MarsCon as conquering heroes where we will be honored as Musical Guests of Honor. Tradition has it that this accolade allows us to have our way with your women, but since we have no interest in pursuits of the flesh, we will settle for a case of Vavoline and a cheese sandwich.

This is your last change to get up close and let us sweat on you from the stage! (Do robots sweat? YOU BETTER BE THERE TO DISCOVER THE TRUTH!) You’ve already missed out on the cheapest of the registration rates. Do not allow yourself another dalliance. Register today to witness The Nick Atoms go down in flames for your amusement!

We believe there are some other acts appearing at MarsCon 2010. Have a look:

The Nick Atoms to be Honored at MarsCon 2010

The world’s greatest Sci-Fi band, The Nick Atoms, will finally receive the key to the city and the highest honor given to bands that are cool, but will never be famous: MUSICAL GUEST OF HONOR at the 2010 MARSCON in Bloomington, MN on March 5-7 in 2010.

This historic decision, from Dementia co-chair the great Luke Ski, was made after The Nick Atoms — Dr Ted Nelson and his two robots, Coburn and Wyngarde — returned from an adventure that had them labeled missing and presumed dead for the last five years. Dr. Ted returned from an alternate universe and rescued his amazing creations from the evil hands of Euro-synth-artist-musician-poet-astroprojectionist-painter-writer-nutritionist known as “Hot Snack Time“.

The trio has decided to put an end to the music but will be giving ONE LAST CONCERT of truly extra-ordinary proportions. You can see their reunion concert to say farewell at MarsCon where, if you have been reading and paying attention, they will be the MUSICAL GUEST OF HONOR at the 2010 MARSCON.

For many, this will be a first time to see the robotic rockers, and for others, a trip down memory lane. The Nick Atoms are excited by this development!

Many other bands and musicians will be at MarsCons 2010 — including Throwing Toasters and Nuclear Bubble Wrap — to celebrate the return of The Nick Atoms.

Rolling Stone magazine stated, “Not since John Lennon was shot has the world been so saddened as when The Nick Atoms vanished. It is so cool that people will get to see a The Nick Atoms concert. DO NOT MISS THIS! We will be getting our

badges for MarsCon 2010 early. This is the music event of 2010, people!”

This is the first award given to the Sci-Fi super group. Hot Snack Time remains missing and at large.

Please visit and register at:
Learn more about The Nick Atoms at:

The Nick Atoms to Perform at MarsCon 2010

The evil of Hot Snack Time has been defeated! The Nick Atoms are together again…for the last time.

Atomic Rock band The Nick Atoms will be returning to MarsCon in 2010 to perform our grand finale. We plan to make this show one for the ages. It will feature tons of your favorite songs, plus our full audio-visual presentation as we’ve used in the past.

This show is not to be missed. Register for MarsCon today!