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Official Evidence Released Of MarsCon Triumph

The Nick Atoms HQ has been cleared by the government to publically release photographic evidence of The Nick Atoms’ stunning acheivement at MarsCon 2003. Never before have The Nick Atoms performed a show of this magnitude, and now we can prove it. Please direct your browser to the photos page and you will be amazed!

The Nick Atoms Return With New Stuff

Sorry for the delay around here. We’ve got a brand new song available for you! It’s the ditty we’ve been promising with guest star ‘Rock And Roll’ Ray on the vocals! It took quite the while, but we found this treasure hidden deep in the vault! Ray may also appear in The Nick Atoms comic you all have been enjoying.

As for the comic, thanks you all for the kind and promising words and advice. It’s all been helpful! Chapter two will be here sooner than you think! We apologize or the wait, but we are still learning how to draw. We are so far along in the learning process, we just bought a ruler! Hoo-Ray! Hold tight, Atomites! The cliff hanger will be hung no more soon! So go listen to a tune or two and re-read the comic! join The Nick Atoms Action Club while you’re at it! STAY TUNED!

EVENING UPDATE: A fresh set of photos from our set at Big V’s is now ready!