Official Breaking News!

Through the tireless efforts of The Nick Atoms Historical Society©, we have finally uncovered, cataloged and released The Nick Atoms lost 5th album: Date Of The Dragon. 

Recorded in 2004, Date Of The Dragon was intended to be a soundtrack to a film of the same name.  Unfortunately, the film was shelved and the recording sessions were all but forgotten.


Now for the first time, we officially release the album in its complete form.  Included are the three singles that were made for the film as well as the 24 minute score.  Wyngarde’s Shatner channeling Rocket-Man, Coburn’s mysterious Looker and Dr. Ted’s Hard boozin’ rendition of Mustang Sally are all included.

So, head on over to the music page and listen to selected tracks from Date Of The Dragon or download the entire album here.

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  1. jrehwin  on January 30th, 2010

    Thank you thank you thank you! I’ve been trying to buy this album for years! Yay! I donated money I’m so happy!


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