Prehistoric Footage of The Nick Atoms

With a generous grant from The Nick Atoms Historical Society, we were able to excavate footage from one of the first rehearsals from the band.  This was pre costumes and concept, with just two songs under our belt (both Krofft songs).

Filmed in the fall of 2000, this footage is further proof that we did actually practice together on a regular basis.  We were no strangers to rehearsing twice a week, sometimes six hours a day.  Of course, there was always the obligatory “White Castle” break where we brainstormed some impossible-to-execute ideas for our shows.


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  1. Coburn  on March 19th, 2009

    OK. I stand corrected. We did have two songs complete but they weren’t both Krofft songs. I think the first song we recorded was “Hell Of It”. You can hear it at the beginning of the video.


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