The All-New, All-Different The Nick Atoms Website

Today we officially launch the new The Nick Atoms Historical Society website. This new site will serve as a repository for all of the artifacts we can dig up regarding the band that is, and was, The Nick Atoms. Our goal is to document as much of our history as we can muster, because our fans, new and old, deserve as much.

The site launches with a metric ton of media content. Here are some examples of what we have in store:

Music: We are offering up all of the music from our four CD releases in an interactive streaming playlist. But that’s not all! Every track is available for download, free of charge. We plan to add more musical content in the coming months, including rarities, bootlegs, live recordings, and other previously unreleased tracks. Our goal is to give you as much of our music as we can find.

Video: Several YouTube videos are aggregated on the video page. There is much more to come. Coburn has been scouring the video archives for choice nuggets of archival footage to share with our fans. There are also discussions about producing new video content.

Photos: All of the photo sets from the original TNA website are available again! These will be supplemented with new photo sets from our past appearances, and the existing sets will be expanded with photos never before seen outside of Dr. Ted Nelson’s study.

New content will be added regularly to the site. We have plans for an art gallery which will include original artwork and show posters. An expanded history — both fictional and actual — could be in the offing.

We hope that you will stop by often to see what we are up to.

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  1. z (of Gotham Steel)  on March 18th, 2009



  2. Fnorm  on March 19th, 2009

    Finally! now I can stop kicking random dogs in anger as I search for meaning to come back into my life. !

    now to listen to everything all at once 🙂


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