The Nick Atoms have been banned! Local Sci-Fi rock band deemed “Too Hot For Hilton”

There were many who witnessed the sad truth. Our condolences go out to those who had their MarsCon entertainment ended abruptly and unceremoniously by hotel management. Apparently the sonic fury of The Nick Atoms was too much to bear for a few guests of the wedding party in the adjoining ballroom. We do appreciate those who came to our truncated show and hope you had a fine time.

Our thanks also go out to the attendees of the Saturday evening cabaret hosted by John Levene a/k/a John Anthony Blake and featuring The Nick Atoms Orchestra. At the end of the program, The Nick Atoms were allowed to finish the set abandoned earlier and the horn of triumph was sounded throughout the land.

Lastly, thanks to the folks who attended our afternoon panel entitled “Better Theme Songs Through Science”. Your comments and questions helped propel us through the hour and fill us with many suggestions for new material.

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