The Nick Atoms Keep On Makin’ Fun

This week’s song is a nice one. Get your spy gear on and head to the audio page!

The Nick Atoms comic is getting closer to its release date and members of The Nick Atoms Action Club may get a sneak peek! The final touches to the comic viewing interface are in progress. We’ve encountered a slight problem with radioactivity due to the sheer volume of entertainment contained in every panel. But fear not — we here at The Nick Atoms will insure the safety of all our fans!

Minnesota personality ‘Rock And Roll’ Ray will be cutting a song with The Nick Atoms. Ray will be doing the vocals on the Herchell Gordon Lewis song “Suburban Roulette”, named after the not-even-famous movie. More as this develops.

Anyone remember a while back when The Nick Atoms scored a small film? The director, Elijah Drenner, has “mysteriously” disappeared, but we have recovered the remains of an interview that was taken shortly after the score was laid to track. Pending resolution of some legal issues with The Drenner foundation, we’ll have all the tracks plus one that was never used! Stay Tuned!

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