The Word of the Day is “Triumph”

Ladies and Gentlemen, a special MarsCon missive from your friendly neighborhood Wyngarde.

We are back from MarsCon 2005 and man, it was great — all the parties, the other guest, and so much more! We’d like to take the moment to thank all who came to MarsCon and made this one of THE BEST SHOWS IN THE HISTORY of The Nick Atoms! So thank you; you are the ones that make it worth while.

Besides our own show, we got front row seats to see the many other musical acts on a Saturday. These fine musician are all on board for fighting boring music! The best part was working with these fine folks on Sunday for the Dementia Smackdown. A personal thanks from The Nick Atoms goes out to:

Raymond & Scum: The Batman and Robin of music. We all teamed up, kicked it up a notch, and dropped it like it was HOT! (Wyngarde is just getting the hang of this pop culture thing. Please bear with him. -ed.) Look forward to working with these cats in the future!

Eric Coleman: Very clever lyrics. Very clever playing. Taught us that violence isn’t always the answer and was almost eaten by:

ShoEboX of Worm Quartet: The Pac-man fiend! As seen on TV! “Pac-man Fever” got it’s due treatment!

Sudden Death: Devo Spice was there, and he did like his name. Thanks for doing you best Steve Austin for us!

The Great Luke Ski: Yes, the same guy that we worked with on “The Ballad of Optimus Prime”. The master of dementia was at it again!

Tony Goldmark: Your video was great. Just got done with the extras and they were a lot of fun! Thanks for the inspiration and for letting me know that math is not good for you.

Megan & Moonbeam: You two will always have a place in Wyngarde’s little electronic heart!

Possum Willy: Did you guys grab my cord by accident? Great show!

MarsCon: Thanks for having us! We had a great time!

Herb Jefferson, Jr: Please make another film with Jim Brown!

Boba Fett: Thanks for the advise and confidence!

Timothy Zahn: Thanks for the compliments and good luck on the next Star Wars book!

Thanks to all of you! We had a great time and hope to work with any or all of you in the future! We hope to see you all next month at Odyssey Con!

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