This Party’s Over

CONvergence weekend is over and what a weekend it was! Hope everyone had a great time. Thanks to all of you who came up and said ‘Hello’. We thank you for the kind words and advice. A big, wet congratulations to all you who got a CD. They all went fast. We still have some CDs here at the underground headquarters for those of you we tragically missed, so just drop us a line and we can help you.

Once again we are sorry that we did not perform for your entertainment, but that reason can be found in our news archive. But fear not, gentle viewer, we will be at MarsCon ready to rock the house with radioactive tunes. Plus,we will be having secret concert information coming soon, provided that The Mayor does not shut us down! Watch here!

As for the online comic, the atomic-digitizer is hard at work on the final touches. The story had been deemed more powerful than originally thought, necessitating the installation of redundant back-up systems. We hope your eyes can handle the strain!

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