Where Did The Nick Atoms Go?

For those of you who did not know, a passing meteor possessing awesome radioactive qualities recently bathed our beloved planet Earth with mysterious, space-toxic spores. Dr. Ted Nelson and his two ‘Nick’ Atomized robots, Coburn and Wyngarde, were sent by The President himself, with full endorsement and cooperation from The Mayor, to investigate.

Upon investigation, it was found that certain animals located in the Great Northwest were affected by the spores, grew in size, and began attacking all other living creatures! Dr. Ted Nelson knew the only way to stop this horrible phenomenon of mutant monsters was to grant Coburn and Wyngarde powers far beyond those of mortal men to combat this evil menace. All power from The Nick Atoms’ computer systems were diverted to grant that power. Unfortunately, several subsystems were pushed beyond their operational capacity and were shut down as a safety precaution. Thenickatoms.com was one of them.

We at The Nick AtomsĀ® apologize for any inconvenience you may have suffered. But please understand, the fate of the entire human race was at stake. Coburn and Wyngarde were victorious, and this makes the sacrifice we have all made worthwhile. We are here to stay, and promise not to leave you kids again. So please, sit back and enjoy more fun and adventure with THE NICK ATOMS! Stay Tuned! (Oh, hey — Can you tell your friends we’re back up? After all, we did save all life on the planet, so it’s the least you could do…THANKS!)

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