The Nick Atoms' First Album Rescued From The Ashes

Before the end, there was a beginning. Before we played our last show at MarsCon, we played our first show at MarsCon, and from this show, our first album was born.

Live Beyond Mars

Rescued from the sands of time — Dr. Ted Nelson appears to possess the only functional copy — is our first album, Live Beyond Mars. The tracks on this album are from the live recording of our show at MarsCon 2001 — for better or for worse. Released at CONvergence 2001, the album was produced in a limited quantity of 30 units and was thought lost.

Now you can possess this most rare of The Nick Atoms recordings. Witness Dr. Ted Nelson’s impatience at Wyngarde’s improvisation! Hear Coburn mispronouncing his robotic brother’s name as “Winegarde”! Thrill to early versions of songs that would get a proper recording later! You can also hear a bonus version of “Jet Jaguar”.

All of this can be found on our music page. Want to download the complete album? Get it on the album downloads page. In either case, prepare to be transported… BEYOND MARS!

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